Vernon Arms - Hotel & Restaurant

England is a place rich in culture and for that many are enthusiastic about visiting spots such as Bromsgrove. The town of Bromsgrove used to be known as Bremesgraf which was later on changed to Bremesburh by the Anglo-Saxons. Back in the day, the town was famous for its woodland economy which is mostly comprised of hunting and raising pigs. Bromsgrove has a lot to offer and is significant in the history of England which is why many curious travellers around the world love to visit the place.

Visiting Bromsgrove

There are many spots to look for in Bromsgrove such as the church of Saint John the Baptist, the Bromsgrove Union Workhouse, old railways and a lot more. For those who want to enjoy touring the day and have a relaxing sleep at night, it is best to look for hotels in and around bromsgrove to make it easy to go around the place. Another spot that is sought for by residents and visitors of the town is the vernon arms. It is a good spot for those who love enjoying old-fashioned settings while savouring country food at the heart of the town. The place has a relaxed atmosphere that is unlike any other restaurants in and around Bromsgrove

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The pub is a signature of the owner's true old English taste as people can enjoy the best of both worlds while relaxing to the quiet country atmosphere and at the same time drinking the best beers. Local and imported beers are served at the vernon arms so it is a great place to hang-out with family and friends. Whether you are a fan of bitter beers or lager, you can always find a drink that suits your beer-craving taste buds at the Vernon Arms.


The food at the Vernon Arms is delectable and always complemented by frequent customers and guests because of the traditional recipes that they use. This makes the Vernon Arms the perfect spot for people who want to relax and share some chit-chat because the environment is so laid-back and homey that you can almost feel as if you have been in town for a long time. They have steaks, home-made meals, Scottish-inspired recipes and chips that can perfectly match their beers. From time to time, they create special menus especially when they have lots of produce for a certain season. Every recipe is created with passion and cooked to perfection which makes every meal a must-try for curious tongues and hungry tummies.


For those who cannot get enough, traditional fish and chips can be ordered and taken away. Haddock and Scampi chips are available as many customers love to indulge their weekends with them. If you are one of those who love traditional fish and chips while having a drink with your friends and relatives at home, you can order fish and chips from the Vernon Arms and perhaps one day they will be the one to pull you to visit the place.